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Corinne GERBET

Managing Director


Phone: +33 6 17 96 13 49

Geoffroy D'ILLIERS

Managing Director


Phone: +33 6 85 43 58 45

This offer is designed for companies that have been performing poorly for an extended period of time and face financial difficulties

The main goals of the “performance  offer ”are the following:

  • To evaluate revenue enhancement opportunities,

  • To review our clients' operational drivers (capex, suppliers, stock and supply chain),

  • To decrease personnel and overhead costs (cost reduction and optimization),

  • To define the optimal organization structure given the size, scale and strategic focus of the company,

  • To define the processes that are critical to driving the reorganization,

  • To define a sustainable action plan,

  • To provide an operational support, indicators and tools to monitor the company's performance,

  • To successfully carry out the action plan.


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