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Identify potential acquisition targets for a firm operating in the energy sector


Perimeter: a major player in gas distribution and energy advisory

Sales: €627m in 2012

Net income: €37,5m

Staff: 362 employees in 2012

Sector: energy

Clients: 2 million clients in France

Mission duration: 4 months


Definition of the acquisition strategy

Set the acquisition search criteria

List of 30 to 50 firms with 2 to 3 top companies

Presentation of the selected companies

First contact with companies that meet search criteria and appear to offer good value

Confirmation of interest by the targets 

Due diligence

Purchase contracts

Closing of the acquisition

Resources mobilized 

1 Managing Director, 50% of his time

1 Consultant Senior, 100% of his time

Docteur En utilisant la tablette numériq

Support a start-up in structuring its strategy and associated business model


Perimeter: 1 start-up

Sales: n.d

Sector: MedTech

Employees: 10

Mission duration: 2 months

Stakes: necessary adaptation of the company's strategy and financing policy to meet new challenges



Definition of the start-up's strategy and business model

Establishment of a financing plan and cash flow forecasts

Study of the opportunity to raise funds



1 Managing Director (50% of his time)

1 Senior Consultant (100% of his time)

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