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Definition and implementation of post-takeover operations for an industrial group facing financial distresse.



Perimeter: 15 industrial sites

Sales: €53m

Sector: metal industry

Analysis: the takeover by the group implies a restart of the activity as soon as possible to avoid any blockage of sites or process

Length of the mission: 3 months



Coordination of the accounting team, preparation and follow-up of cut-off's operations with the legal proceeding

Implementation of factoring and invoicement process

Information System reset

Takeover of staff and commercial court commitment monitoring 


1 Managing Director - HR (50 % of his time)

1 Managing Director - Finance (50% of his time)

1 Senior Consultant (100% of his time)

ouvriers du bâtiment

Ensure the delegated management of an industrial site with a view to implementing a turnaround plan


Perimeter: 1 industrial site

Sector: industrials

Sales: n.d

Stakes: rapid decrease of the company's results over the last two years, loss of productivity, production delays, strained labour relations



Implementation of a delegated site management by Albus Partners in order to ensure managerial authority and skills in all areas (industrial, social, economic)

Implementation of the turnaround plan

Securing the achievement of expected results and their impact on EBITDA

Reporting of turnaround actions (progress, results, resources mobilized, difficulties, corrective measures)

Communication to employees and all third parties (employees, unions, legal regulatory authorities)



1 Managing Director (20% of his time)

1 Managing Director (80% of his time)

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