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Restructuring following the takeover of a company placed in compulsory liquidation



Scope: all Group entities

Business sector: sale of video games and games related to it

Turnover  : 150 M €

Staff: 800 people

Duration of the mission  : 10 months

Stakes: need to conduct an Employment Protection Plan and ensure the continuity of day-to-day operations in a context of major transformation and despite strong concerns about the future



Appointing a Chief Restructuring Officer to coordinate the transformation

Securing the pilot and cash flow process

Definition of the target, application means and the organisation in order to make the Information System autonomous

Formulate the specification of the ERP


Means Mobilized

2 Managing Directors (20% of their time)

1 Director (80% of his time)

1 Vice President (80% of his time)

2 Associates (40% of their time)

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