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Secure the functioning of the ERP as well as the supply chain project in order to provide the means to secure the Group's business continuity


Perimeter: 2 companies

Sector: luxury goods

Sales: n.d

Stakes: the Group recorded a loss leading its shareholders to consider rationalizing its activities



Supply chain outsourcing 

Formalization of ERP documentation and identification of areas of progress

Implementation of a PMO to manage the transformation

Definition of the financial impacts and resources necessary for the successful deployment of the transformation



1 Managing Director (50% of his time)

2 Senior Consultants (100% of their)


Develop a roadmap and secure the growth of a company specialized in distance selling



Perimeter: a key player in distance selling 

Sector: e-commerce

Sales: €19,4m

Stakes: the company is not on the path of its business plan and does not have a roadmap to secure its development and transformation project



Definition of the company's financial trajectory and modeling of the target to be reache

Definition of development and transformation plans (objectives, responsible, milestones, resources, benefits)

Dashboard design and proposal of a system to monitor and secure the transformation

Definition of reporting tools for the management



1 Managing Director (100% of his time)

1 Senior consultant (100% of his time)

1 Business Analyst (100% of his time)

Clavier bleu

Providing detailed statistics for different health centers


Perimeter: 1 423 studied establisments

Sector:  mutual insurance

Analysis: health centers with the most experience in their region lack information about insured people


Annual treatment of 143 facilities, 18 million stays, 12  million patients, 79 millions medical acts,

15 000 calculations with more than 23 types of indices, 65 000 calculations of attractivity ratios.


1 Managing Director - IT

1 Senior Consultant

Bureau avec Stethoscope

Optimization of health centers' invoicing 


Perimeter : 23 studied establishments

Sales: €94m

Sector : healthcare 

Analysis: invoicing of short stays are not optimized

Duration of the mission : 5 months


Annual invoicing improvement for 3 groups of clients using the solution: 
Group 1: €900k  
Group 2: €123k  
Group 3: €440k

Financial balance improvement  

Financial risk decrease

Resources mobilized

1 Managing Director - IT (50% of his time)

1 Senior Consultant (100% of his time)

1 Invoicing analysis expert (part-time)

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