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Provide delegated management of an industrial site with a view to conducting a turnaround plan



Scope: 1 industrial site

Sector of activity: industry

Turnover  : nd

Stakes: quick degradation of company results during the previous 2 years, loss of productivity, delay of production, tensed social relations



Setting up a new management for the delegated Albus Partners site in order to ensure a qualified management on all fields (industry, social, economic)

Setting up a plan for the turnaround

Securing and obtaining expected results and the impact on the EBITDA

Reporting turnaround actions (process, results, means, difficulties and corrective measures)

Communication towards the staff and all of the stakeholders (employees, unions, legal authorities)


Means Mobilized

1 Managing Director (20% of his time)

1 Managing Director (80% of their time)

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