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IT Project Manager Assistant
Internship - PARIS
End of studies or Gap for a period of 4  at 6 months

Post and missions


The intern will work under the supervision of an Engineer Consultant (2 to 5 years of experience) who will train him in the Albus Partners project methodology. For example, he will be entrusted with the following tasks  :

  • Review of the customer information system and its deficiencies,

  • Study of opportunities and support in setting up an ERP software package,

  • Study of reorganization of the IT infrastructure, servers and networks.



The trainee must be in the 2nd year of engineering school (bac + 4) or at M2 or even M1 level in a university course.


Practical experience or a previous internship in IT (development, projects) is a plus.

Qualifications required for the position


Intellectual capacity for analysis,

Pragmatism and sense of customer service,


Integrity, simplicity, humility and availability

Rigor, autonomy, curiosity and a sense of teamwork.

Apply by sending a CV and cover letter

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